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POWERstart P-5U series, remote engine starter & alarm


P-5U, one way AM remote engine starter with alarm for automatic or manual transmission.
P-5U TW, Two way FM remote engine starter with alarm for automatic or manual transmission.
Antenna with super bright blue L.E.D.
Negative output for parking lights
Negative output for second ignition
Negative output for second accessory
Negative output for second starter
Negative output for horn or siren (programmable)
Negative output for starter-kill
Negative output to disarm factory alarm
Negative output to rearm factory alarm or sliding door opening
Constant negative output to control transponder by-pass
Negative output for trunk opening
TACH signal learning, manual adjustment or factory default setting
Engine shuts-off when hood is opened or brake pedal depressed
Programmable running time (10, 15 or 25 minutes)
Cranking time programmable for 6, 8 or 12 seconds
Keyless running mode (allows to leave the engine running without the ignition key)
Sequence to by-pass starter kill in case of lost transmitter or system malfunction
30/40A built-in relays for Ignition, Accessories, Starter and Parking Lights
Programmable door lock signal output: 0.75 second, 3 seconds or 2 pulses to lock and unlock
Programmable ignition lock when brake pedal is depressed after ignition is ON
Code learning system, you can code up to 4 different transmitters
Diagnostic on remote starter and Alarm via parking lights
Safe procedures to start vehicles equipped with manual transmission. No add-on sensors required
Negative input for door detection
Positive input for door detection
Negative input for trunk detection
Negative input for hood detection
Negative input for hand brake
Negative input for Shock sensor detection (optionnal)
Programmable Alarm time duration.
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